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The SLEEP INN  is open all year round and offers a variety of opportunities to make your free time exciting.

The location is ideal as a starting point for numerous hikes, excursions by bike or tours, by motorcycle or car. Our impressive area, with its forests, small towns and many attractions, provide a lot of variety. Regardless of whether you are planning a tour or a hike or just spontaneously drive / run, you will be amazed and amazed at what there is to explore here. The possibilities fill days.

Here are a few suggestions:

Our nature is balm for the soul.

If you want to get to know the environment and its flora and fauna, you should spend a day  plan for hikes and excursions in the High Fens. Our recommendation applies to the nature center "Haus Ternell".

In addition to a great selection of hikes, with different focuses at a low price, there is a lovingly arranged exhibition of the local flora and fauna, as well as a restaurant with delicious, regional dishes. Of course, you can also explore on your own from here! In the winter months, Haus Ternell offers three signposted and groomed cross-country ski trails. The equipment can be rented on site.

Explore East Belgium by bike.

You definitely shouldn't miss one of the best network of cycle routes in Europe. The cyclist is at home here in East Belgium, thanks to the RAVel, a cycle path network of more than 850 kilometers and an excellent infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired. The SLEEP INN is located directly at the RAVel and therefore also at the Vennbahn .

If you don't come by bike, you can simply rent one from us. (Bike Rental @ SLEEP INN)

For the more adventurous among cyclists, the 136 km long  "Stoneman Arduenna" , a unique mountain bike experience. The route leads through rustic forests and unbelievable expanses that end in the sky.

Fancy a city tour?

Why not just take a city tour through the border triangle  to plan ?

There are cities to discover here such as Spa with its cozy old town, Monschau with its famous mustard mill  or Eupen, the capital of the German Community, in East Belgium. Cities like Aachen, Liège or Maastricht are also not far away and are ideal for a shopping tour.

Fun & more

We are not withheld from other attractive excursion destinations such as the dam near Robertville and Bütgenbach or the "Reihnardstein" castle.

But also the historical slate tunnel in the small town "Recht" is one of the interesting sights of this region.

And if you fancy some action then you can come to the Eastbelgium Action & Kartingcenter ,  one of the largest karting centers in Europe, or in the amusement park "Plopsa" at Coo, just right. Both are real highlights in terms of things and only 14-25 minutes by car from SLEEP INN.


The famous Francorchamps race track deserves special attention because it guarantees first-class and established races, such as Formula 1 or the Total 24 H race. But also classic car races and the "Biker Days" are absolute favorites in the racing calendar and for every motorsport fan. The location is only 19 minutes away from SLEEP INN.

If you are planning an activity and still have questions,  help you  very happy with the planning.

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